Since 2011 (and before), I had a deep interest in video editing and production as well as script writing. When I started my career, I had only some freelance assignments. But this was a beginning. Later on, I participated in many projects where I played crucial roles and made some major contributions.
One of my early assignments was to be part of the social media team for the star Mohamed Fouad. The objective was to manage his social media accounts and build up his online video library. By the end, we were able to promote his social media accounts, increase the followers to more than one million and build up a rich media and video library. The feedback for such efforts was tangible in his last concerts at that time.
My next milestone was to handle the full responsibility of post-production at “”. There and in two years, I produced more than 1,500 videos which helped promote this website to be the first Egyptian e-learning platform and later one of the leading corporate training platforms in Egypt and the Arab world, before rebranding it at a later stage as “Innovito Studios”.
Then I took a path to professionally improve my skills of motion graphics when working for IdeaCloud agency. There, I participated in forming their motion graphics team which produced a set of valuable outputs at that time.
Part of my career path was also as a freelancer producing motion graphics videos for many celebrities, companies, digital platforms; e.g. Etisalat Misr, the singer Mohamed Mohsen, “Ayez Masrah” (= “I want a theatre”) campaign by Ali Quandil, etc.
It was a time then for a major leap when I was recruited as a motion graphics artist by one of the most remarkable digital marketing agency in Egypt and the Middle East. This was the time when I handled it all from script to screen, in addition to contributing to promote the concept of video production at this agency. Moreover, I had the opportunity to work with many well-known brands; for example, Vodafone, Mobinil (currently “Orange Egypt”), Soma Bay Resorts, Go Bus and more.
The most important move in my career was to Infamous Studio, Dubai, where I provided services for many digital platforms and brands including the Government of Dubai and other governments.
After a while, it was essential for me to go back to freelancing to have a broader opportunity for learning and self-improvement to be hundred-percent competent, by the end, at producing a motion graphics video from A to Z. It was also an opportunity to work with other clients and agencies from outside the Arab world, especially USA and Canada. This was an important and inspiring experience and resulted afterwards in working as a senior graphics artist for Qabila, the most influential media production studio in Egypt. At Qabila, I contributed to products for major businesses, financial enterprises, government agencies and private companies.
This whole journey paved the way to become a team-leading art director at Medvalley where my responsibilities included various aspects of training, technicalities and day-to-day administration. Despite the different levels throughout the team members, from junior to senior levels, we were able to finalize in one year a set of remarkable projects. This was the time when I felt I made my technical and administrative aspirations into reality.
Nowadays, I seek to produce motion graphics videos as means of marketing and business development, as well as a crucial method for boosting ideas and concepts in a the world of social media where video content becomes a core interest.

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