Fear, Insecure, and Despair are the Worst and Strongest feelings that always dominate those affected by disasters.
Special this beast (tsunami). 
Which hit the coast of Indonesia for the second time in the winter of 2018, leaving thousands of victims and homeless.
Al-Waleed Charitable Foundation, except to do its part, as a supporter of harmony and compassion, and to collect the diaspora of the affected, from this disaster, and to instil a spirit of hope again in them.
One world, filled with compassion, humanism and humanity.

we want to thank everyone we inspired from him, and we hope to be apart of another artist inspiration board.

Agency: Medvalley
Story: Karim Salah El-Din
Illustration: Mohamed Fadl
                            jasmin Ashraf
Character design: Mohamed fadl
Motion Graphics: Karim Mohsen
Traditional  Animation: Loai Hatem
Scene Development: Karim Salah El-Din
Art-Direction: Karim Salah El-Din
Ending Credits: Karim Salah El-Din
Presentation: Jasmine Ashraf 
                     Loai Hatem
Directed By : Karim Salah El-Din
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